Demo 2012

by Dressing Cold

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Recorded @ 314 Marshall St (the Pie Hole) by Ethan Gensurowsky
Mixed/Mastered by Anthony Vi


released December 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Dressing Cold Richmond, Virginia

Melodic/Post-Hardcore from Richmond, VA

Will, Anthony, Gage, Russ, Luke

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Track Name: Bitter
I tried my best to be everything you’d want, but in some cliché way I was never enough, I’m never enough. So I’m writing this song with you in mind, as a constant reminder that I wasted all my time. Every memory fades away like a blurry picture, but your voice still haunts my ears. If I could escape from this skin of mine yeah I’d be just fine. Let loose and break away from these inhibitions that I let control my life. And if you’re doing better best believe that I’ll be fucking bitter. I watched the leaves change colors, but I never watched you tell the truth, a constant struggle within my mind and I don’t know what to do.
Track Name: Always Brief
Every letter and every passing leaf. We grew red and grey, with disbelief. A constant reminder of the time we spent, it was never enough, it was always brief. And you, could hear it with my breath. Short and severe, the gaps you can hear. Like the crackles in my skin. Am I that transparent to you? You nipped the bud before the leaves even grew. You locked the door, buried the key. You rooted the weeds for everyone to see. But I’ll keep rubbing my eyes, in disbelief. Expecting you to be there, expecting you to be around. Like the leaves trampled into the ground. In the back of my mind but in the front of my heart I knew that you were fucked from the start. You were fucked from the start.
Track Name: Never Again
I spent the last 4 years living in the shadows of my friends, but when the light burns out, where do I stand. You left me empty like the bottle on my bedside table, life without you is unbearable. You left me broken like the records you used to play. I hope to see you again someday. I wrote you a letter but lost the stamp. We were friends but never again.
Track Name: Don't Forget
It's hard to be judgmental when you're a piece of shit. It's hard to be passionate when society makes you sick. I'm emptier than any promise you ever made, and I'm guilty of becoming everything I hate. I close my eyes and try to find some peace inside my mind. But this absurd world can't accept what it doesn't understand. I have no skeletons in my closet, only regrets. I's true when they say "people don't forget".